We invite you to get involved in our mission towards promoting positive change and alleviating hardships in Guatemala.

Partner with us

There are many ways to support Partnership Guatemala with donations, sponsorships, or corporate giving programs. By joining forces with us you can play a vital role in supporting all our projects and programs each year. Visit our “Partner with us” page, or contact us to learn more.

Travel to Guatemala

Another way to get involved is to join us in Guatemala for an 11-day volunteer experience. This one-of-a-kind itinerary offers a unique opportunity to work alongside community members, learn about the Mayan culture, and develop lifelong friendships. During your stay, you will have the chance to participate in our projects and programs, such as native seed planting, sustainable family vegetable gardens, rainwater collection, worm composting, and micro-business opportunities such as soap and shampoo making. You may also have the opportunity to install earthen floors in homes to provide healthier and cleaner sleeping conditions for the young children.

This volunteer experience is perfect for individuals, groups, families, and students looking to make a meaningful impact while immersing themselves in a new culture. Our team will provide all the necessary support and guidance to ensure a safe and rewarding experience. Visit our “Volunteer in Guatemala” page, or contact us today to sign up for one of our 2023 trips.