This year we were able to purchase 65 water filters for the families that have been participating in our workshops for the last three years. There is so much that we take for granted here in Canada!! It is hard for us to even imagine not having a tap to go to whenever we want water. It is shameful but some of our own people here in Canada do not have this luxury. Many of the moms expressed tremendous gratitude as they have been learning about the importance of drinking an adequate amount of water, especially when nursing and how important it is for the children to learn to drink water in place of soda pop. Also, they have always had to boil water and the taste was unpalatable. The cost of each filtering unit was $46.87. If you would like to gift a family a water filter, please consider donating to our work. This is a practical way to help a family as they work towards making sustainable, healthy changes in their homes

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